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The world on wheels

Stocked N LoadedAccording to the 2010 Automotive Trade Journal, the world crossed the one billion mark for cars on the road, and the United States is home to the largest passenger vehicle market of any country in the world. Overall, according to 2007 Department of Transportation study, there are an estimated 254.4 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States. Moreover, according to a Harvard Health Watch study, the average American spends 101 minutes per day driving. This means that in a lifetime, the average Joe spends a whopping 37,935 hours driving a car. All of this time spent in a car means that advertising on a fleet of vehicles, or even just one vehicle, can have a major impact on your business. This is because you will have a massive amount of eyeballs viewing your advertisements daily.


your brand in front of the public

vehicle wrapLet’s look at one industry specifically to get a better grasp on how the vehicle advertising can be effective for sales and advertising costs. The American Trucking Association (ATA) reported that 91% of people surveyed notice vehicle graphics. Further, the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement demonstrated that a vehicle can generate between 30,000 to 70, 000 impressions daily. Conversely, according to 3M, a prominent vinyl substrate provider, a company would need to spend $130,000 on traditional advertising dollars to produce the same effects as a  $3,500 vehicle wrap. This staggering information means that vehicle advertising is a bigger bang for your buck in directing attention to your business.

Why is it so important?

 Aside from the viewership and cost savings of vehicle advertising, there are other benefits, such as:

  • 35% of passerby would not know your business exists without a sign
  • 85% of your customers live or work within a five-mile radius of your business, meaning they will see your local vehicle sign potentially 50 to 60 times per month.
  • 13-20% of the population move each year, which means you have 13-20% new customers to attract every year
  • Your vehicle already driving and parking at your most likely potential customers locations
  • The Value of a Sign is Equal to 24 Full-Page Newspaper Ads per Year


Your bottom line ROI

Fleet and vehicle graphics is very effective in driving traffic to your business and creating brand awareness. Other more common advertising methods are simply not as effective. For example, direct mail campaigns result in 50% of the information thrown away in 2-5 seconds. Plus, they only get a 2-5% response rate. Television ads may be effective, but they cost. In contrast, 96% of us will go outdoors as drivers, passengers, or pedestrians on our way to work, shopping, eating, or the movies. Take advantage of what you already have: your vehicles. Let them start driving new business and higher profits for you today!

In order to rip the most benefits from fleet graphics you need to choose a company with expertise and experience that can help you plan and execute and effective campaign. At Signs of Profit we have the all the ingredients and equipment to create head-turning fleet and vehicle graphics, after all, we have been doing it since 1996. our customers reporting 8-15% increase in sales resulting from the graphics we designed and installed on their vehicles. We at Signs of Profit understand your time is money that’s why we provide on location service anywhere in the Southeast USA (minimum vehicles may be required) at no additional cost, so there is no drop-off and pick-up time waste. We don’t have sign shop hours – we are open 24/7/365. Yes, we will install the graphics any day any time so your vehicles can be back on the road at no time.

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