Trade shows are a great way to get your name out. You can promote, sell, and obtain quality leads, but only if people stop by your booth. Often, there are hundreds of booths for people to choose from and therefore you have to make sure that yours is eye appealing – otherwise people may walk right past it.


At Signs of Profit, we offer a variety of user-friendly marketing displays. We provide not only the hardware but also the graphics to help you create eye catching displays for people to stop at. These can be used anywhere you are planning on setting yourself up for the day, the week, or even longer. When you have a well-branded area that is more appealing than at least some of the competition, you can get more leads, more sales, and generally more interest.


We offer displays that can be assembled quickly. Whether you want to stand in front of them or behind them, there are models to explore – and we can always customize based upon your needs. This ensures you have exactly what you need without having to settle.


The hardware is only one part of a tradeshow exhibit. You need a design that works well for the space and for what you are doing, but you also need it to be impressive looking. This is where the graphics come in. We are able to create wraps and banners and signage to help you make a name for yourself wherever you may be.


We offer indoor and outdoor graphics that can help you to shout the name of your company from the rooftops. People may be able to see your company’s name from the moment they walk in, and that’s a great way to ensure you get foot traffic. The various panels of the exhibit can continue to be branded for your business and promote the products and/or services you have to offer.


Let us help you establish a display that provides:


–                  Literature displays

–                  Brand recognition

–                  Promotional support

–                  Easy set-up/breakdown
We have worked within the trade show industry for many years and understand the importance of having displays that are eye appealing. We also know how critical it is to be able to transport everything with ease. We have many systems that can breakdown within minutes and be carried away in a single bag.


Let us show you how we can create a stunning trade show exhibit for your business by calling us today!