What’s In A Change?

As the new season change, we all change our clothes. Some people looking at their wardrobe and decide to change it entirely. But what about your brand’s identity? Do you know when is it time to make a change? Should it be a slight change or total redesign? While there are no specific rules on when or how to make a change there are few indicators it’s time to refresh.

  • Have you added new products or service offering? – it’s the perfect time to look again and reassess your brand’s identity to reflect your new offering while considering how it will fit with your line of products or services.
  • Is your marketing material out of date? Take a good a good look at the images: hairstyle, clothes, background objects are they current? How about the content, does it feel a bit outdated? Take a look at fonts, are they still represent your business style?
  • Has your company evolved? Then your brand should be too. Your brand should remind your customers that you are on the cutting edge of your industry.

Change-googleRecently Google changed their logo for the 7th time since it was founded back in 1996. Google explain the new logo and identity family was designed to work across multiple devices, as more people accessing the Internet via mobile devices, therefore the name and the logo should be displayed clearly on any device at any size or position.
Google is just one of many giants responding and adjusting to changes of the market. Here are some other samples:

Apple started as “Apple Computer”, On January 2007 the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple is dropping the word “Computer” from its name to become “Apple Inc.” The name change reflects the company’s newfound emphasis on consumer electronics.Apple-drop-computer

The same year Apple also change their logo again:

Some companies are making dramatic change in their logo branding approach and some make just cosmetic changes:
ChangesStarbucks  change-Walmart   cahnge - microsoft

We at Signs of Profit know the importance of brand identity. Regardless of size, your business growth is dependent on the retention of your current customers and the attraction of new customers.

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